Why Is Sleep Important During Pregnancy?

Why Is Sleep Important During Pregnancy?

Research shows that lack of sleep during pregnancy is not just an inconvenience. Inadequate sleep might result in developing pregnancy complications including preeclampsia & high blood pressure.

Hey, glowing moms-to-be! Welcome to the world of sparkles, cravings, mood swings and of course, the much-needed sleep you deserve!!

Pregnancy is like a rollercoaster ride. When you are pregnant, it can be hard to get good sleep in pregnancy at night.

As your body changes, you get bigger, and finding a comfortable sleep position becomes tougher.

Furthermore, you are running to the washroom every 30 minutes and a feeling as small as heartburn can wake you up.

We know it’s tough but try to catch as many as Z’s you can because sleep is important for your health, the baby’s well-being and a healthy pregnancy.

Let’s find out, how expecting mothers can rest their way to a healthier pregnancy by optimizing their habits & maternity clothing choices and what role clothing plays in improving sleep patterns. 

When The Baby Kicks, Insomnia Hits Harder! 

Everyone keeps telling you that quality sleep is important but this is a whole lot harder with pregnancy sleep stealers like heartburns and leg cramps.

Some reasons that influence sleep disruption, include fear of giving birth, uncomfortable mattresses, excitement and anxiety about being a new mom and even worrying about not getting enough sleep at night.

You thought that was it, there’s a whole symphony of sneaky sleep troublemakers:

  • Heart Burn
  • Leg cramps
  • Not able to turn over when you want to
  • The baby moving
  • Sore hips
  • Feeling sick
  • Mood swings
  • The baby kicking
  • Partner snoring
  • Growing belly
  • Disruptive dreams

Throughout your pregnancy journey, these factors have the potential to disturb your sleep patterns and may vary over time.

So if you are struggling to get a good night's sleep then you are not alone.

The Dreamy Magic of Sleep during Pregnancy

When we sleep, our body goes through some changes and repairs itself- including tissues, muscles and blood.

Thus, a complete sleep cycle is important for new moms and their growing baby, who are dependent on the extra blood required for their growth.

Researchers have shown that women who sleep less than 6 hours at night have a higher chance of experiencing prolonged labor, giving birth to a premature baby, or a baby with less-than-normal weight.

Quality Sleep- The Key to a Happy and Healthy You!!

1- Get Your Glow On

Who needs a highlighter when you have got the ultimate beauty secret with you- SLEEP!!

Yes, you read it right!!

Sleeping during pregnancy can rejuvenate and recharge your body, giving you that fabulous glow that might earn you compliments all day long.

So say goodbye to your tired puffy eyes and say hello to your glowing and radiant skin by tracking & improving your sleep cycle on a regular basis.

2- Bouncing Baby Benefits

While you doze off in your sleep, your baby inside is getting some perks too.

Because pregnancy sleep is like a vitamin boost for your baby’s entire development, these hormones are released at night and sprinkle their magic during those sweet slumber hours.

3- Bye- Bye Stress

All thanks to surging hormones, your nap disturbance may begin right at the start of pregnancy.

These pregnancy hormones create chaos in our emotions. But fear not, because your sufficient sleep is a ticket to your stress-free zone.

Resting well helps you balance those mood swings and keeps you cool as a cucumber.

4- Night time Niggles Be gone

As your pregnancy progresses, your baby bump also grows, and so does the struggle of finding a perfect pregnancy sleep position at night.

That’s where maternity clothing comes into the picture. 

With proper maternity clothing staples, you can give farewell to all your pregnancy night-time niggles.

Time to embrace blissful comfort and cuddly support!!

Some Tips On How To Sleep During Pregnancy

Getting pregnant is no less than an adventure.

When your pregnancy progresses your bump starts turning into a mountain, hormone levels go on a wild rollercoaster ride of changes, and that tiny creature inside your tummy starts kicking and jiggling.

No wonder catching some sleep during pregnancy can feel like chasing a unicorn some nights.

While every new mom-to-be has faced different experiences with pregnancy insomnia.

But here are a few things you can do to improve the quality and duration of your sleep during your pregnancy

  • Take a soothing worm hot bath before going to sleep
  • Limit your caffeine intake
  • Exercise during the day
  • Use a pillow between your leg and under your belly bump
  • Use aromatherapy in your bedroom that helps you to feel relaxed and refreshed
  • Avoid any electronic screen for at least an hour before bedtime
  • Stay well hydrated
  • Try to eat earlier
  • Listen to music that makes you calm and stress-free
  • Start writing a journal in case you are overthinking

The Magic of Maternity wear for Restful Nights

Tired of a restless night?

Yearning for a peaceful good night's sleep might become a luxury during pregnancy.

But it’s possible to become a sound sleeper by choosing the right maternity staples that comfort your mind & body.

Our MomSoon Maternity collection is here to be your companion while you embrace the motherhood journey.

So, discover the magical world of maternity wear that helps you sleep better. 

1-  Nightwear That Pop

Who said nightwear has to be dull?

Check out Momsoon maternity funky prints, vibrant color's and adorable nightwear designs.

MomSoon nightwear will help you embrace the cute baby bump in style, and give you comfort and confidence to conquer your dreams and promote better sleep at night.

Why settle for dull nightwear when you can indulge in the delightful combination of fashion and relaxation together?


2- Comfy Belly Huggers Maternity Leggings

Our maternity leggings help you to alleviate cramping and leg pain.

These leggings are comfy and will become your go-to pants throughout your pregnancy journey.

You will start living in these leggings your entire life even after your pregnancy.


Their soft and stretchy fabric embraces your growing belly, providing you with a sense of security and relaxation during your bedtime.

3- Nursing Bras that fit you perfectly  

Our Momsoon maternity nursing bras are not like your average undergarments.

You can’t say NO to MomSoon Nursing bras.

These bras are like the bedtime fairies fluttering around your baby bump and provide you support that you need for your changing shape.

Magic tricks up their straps, they provide you with a snug, secure and comfortable fit with the ability to do some wonders for nursing moms during 3 a.m. milk missions.


These bras are designed to improve the sleep quality of expectant mothers by creating a restful and rejuvenating atmosphere.

So sleep tight and have sweet dreams!

4- Top Maternity Fashion with Kaftans

Kaftans are like bedtime companions for new moms-to-be.

Their loose and flowy design embraces your growing belly, provides you with space and freedom to move and find the perfect pregnancy sleeping position and ensures a night of uninterrupted dreams.

But that’s not all, these kaftans offer you easy access during those late-night bathroom visits eliminating the need to struggle in the darkness.

And guess what, these kaftans are not just for your bedtime.

They are the ultimate loungewear staple and can be worn anytime and anywhere with minimal effort.


Check out MomSoon’s fun prints and bright colour Kaftans collection and snooze like a princess every night.

5- Night Time Elixir Nightdresses

Ever wished for a sleep potion that could take you to your dreamland without interrupting your sleep?

Then look no further, these pregnancy nightdresses can be your magical elixir for a restful nap.

Our Momsoon maternity night dresses are made from a secret fabric called threads of RELAXATION!! 


The moment you put on these nightdresses, your body automatically recognizes it's time to unwind and relax.

Our nightdresses are like a night ritual that fulfils your late-night sleep needs without any sleep disruptions.

Don’t forget their versatility as you can wear these night dresses during pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.

So, sleep peacefully and embark on your fantastical dream adventures!!

You’ve Got This Mama!!

When you are pregnant, you require sleep more than usual.

Sleep is crucial for a healthy pregnancy and benefits both the expectant mother and the growing baby.

Yet, with those sleep destroyer leg cramps, night sweats, and hormonal antics, catching that Zzzs during pregnancy can be a daunting task.

You’ll wake more often throughout the night during your entire journey.

That’s where the maternity clothes magic comes into the picture.

These specialized garments, from sleepwear to supportive bras and comfy kaftans, offer comfort, support, and easy access, all contributing to better sleep.

Maternity clothing creates a comforting and calming sensation that helps you unwind and drift into a peaceful slumber.

Our maternity clothes ensure that every mom-to-be wakes up refreshed and ready to enjoy this beautiful journey of motherhood without any discomfort.

At  Momsoon Maternity you will find everything you need during your pregnancy. Just shop online and will deliver your clothes to your doorway.


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