What To Wear During Pregnancy In India

What To Wear During Pregnancy In India

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey filled with cravings, mood swings, and a constantly expanding belly.

As an expectant mother, the quest to find comfortable and fashionable maternity wear can be quite a journey.

It's a real struggle to balance style and comfort, especially when selecting outfits for varying climates and cultural preferences throughout pregnancy.

When it comes to styling your bump, the options are endless and we know you become Patrick-the-star-level confused while shopping for maternity clothing. 

Don’t worry, help is at hand. 

From Rihanna's uber-elevated maternity style to Aliaa's unconventional take on maternity, MomSoon is here to simplify pregnancy clothing, one style at a time.

From stylish festive wear and elegant feeding dresses to comfortable jeans, leggings, and maternity bras, expectant mothers no longer need to compromise on style or comfort. 

Build your own Maternity Wardrobe with Momsoon 

1- Embrace the Ethnic Charm

Your style doesn’t need to take a hit for festive occasions.

When it comes to celebrating your pregnancy with the same stylish flair as celebs, adopt a personal style approach that reflects only you, and you alone.

Pregnancy doesn’t mean you miss out on all the fun activities and celebrations.

It’s time to ditch contemporary style & opt for elegant prenatal dresses or Kaftan that makes you feel like a radiant goddess. 

Loose-fitting and flowing dresses provide your baby bump with some space to grow comfortably.

The addition of a belly band provides extra support and coverage, making these dresses even more versatile for various occasions.

Opting for vibrant colours is particularly beneficial for pregnant ladies as they can add a refreshing and lively element to your outfit. These bright and colourful hues not only boost your mood but also draw attention to your unique style. 

In India, festivals are always around the corner and if you are looking for something festive you can check out Momsoon Maternity’s festive collection.

 A collection you can fall in love with. 

2- Dressing for Seasons

Let’s face it- India’s weather sometimes acts like a drama queen, which can create unique challenges for pregnant women who are already coping with the physical and emotional changes of pregnancy.

It varies from scorching summers to chilly winters and uninvited rain during monsoon.

During pregnancy, dressing correctly for each season is not just crucial but need of the hour for maintaining apex comfort.

At MomSoon, we make maternity clothes with loose and breathable fabric including cotton, linen, Lycra and georgette that keep you cool and sweat-free in summer and cosy in winter.

Our patterns are not only stylish but give you monsoon vibes during the rainy season.  

3- All-time Favorite's Maternity Party Wear Dresses

When it comes to maternity wear, one item that no one can replace from a pregnant mother's wardrobe- DRESSES!!

No one can say NO to these versatile garments as they are the go-to choice for new moms-to-be.

Dresses provide mothers with space for a growing belly, comfort, a stylish look and yes all the freedom to move.

From maxi dresses, to wrap dresses and A-line frocks, there is a plethora of options available at Momsoon Maternity to choose from.

You can embrace your baby bump with our fashionable picks in different styles and patterns.

4- Bottoms that Bumps

Maternity bottoms are like the partner in crime for moms-to-be, they support you, and comfort and grow with your bump during each stage of pregnancy.

When it comes to bottoms, opt for loose-fitting and breathable options like leggings, yoga pants and trousers are an excellent choice.

Maternity leggings with belly panels must have stretchy goodness in their clothes and trousers provide the most breeze elegant and comfortable look.

5- Maternity Swimwear

Let’s face it, Growing a tiny human inside of you is no small feat and now that you have a fabulous baby bump your regular swimwear doesn't fit you well.

But fear not, Momsoon Maternity’s swimwear is here to save your day, turning you into a fierce and fabulous mermaid.

These swimsuits are made up of stretchy fabric that grows with you during each stage of pregnancy, offering you a perfect fit no matter how big and small your belly gets.

It keeps you comfortable and confident and allows you to enjoy your pool time without any worry.

To all the water babies, don’t let pregnancy stop you from enjoying pool time, so grab your SPF, put on those funky shades and dive into the water.

After all, your bump and you deserve all the love, fun and sun it can get.

Check out our curated swimwear collection and dive into the world of comfort and style for all your beach adventures.

6- Lingerie Love: Supportive and Sassy

India is a hub of diverse cultures and traditions and it often involves traditional clothing in various aspects of life, including pregnancy.

For expectant mothers, finding lingerie that complements the traditional attire while providing the necessary support and making nursing access easy is essential.

Pregnancy is a transformative period in every woman’s life and ensuring comfort and support through sustainable lingerie is crucial.

Moreover, the hot and humid weather in various parts of the country makes it more necessary for pregnant women to wear lingerie made of breathable fabrics that keep them cool and comfortable. 

So, time to say goodbye to those ill-fitting bras and say hello to maternity-specific bras.

Their wider straps, adjustable bands and soft and comfortable fabric make your transformative journey easy.

7- Dressing Up for Celebrations

Don’t let pregnancy dissuade you from attending family events, special occasions and celebrations.

Dress up your growing bump for weddings, parties, and festivals with elegant maternity maxi dresses, kaftans, and tunic dresses in vibrant colours and patterns.

Look for empire waistlines, stretchable fabric and flattering silhouettes and don’t forget to add some statement neckpieces to give the final touch to your outfit.

Radiate glamour even during pregnancy, Check out the Momsoon Maternity collection. Now!!!

8- Maternity Activewear - Stay Fit, Stay Stylish

Pregnancy is a time when physical fitness and comfort are of utmost importance and the right maternity activewear can play a significant role.

Our Activewear is thoughtfully designed to accommodate your growing belly and changing body shape and size.

Whether you prefer yoga, walking, or simply staying active throughout pregnancy, activewear provides all the support and comfort that pregnant women require.

Feel confident and stylish during your workouts in the Momsoon Maternity collection while prioritizing your fitness.

To make a long story short

In a country as diverse as India, you also deserve a wardrobe as unique as its culture during pregnancy.

Because the diverse climate, cultural norms and your constantly changing body shape make it important to choose clothes that accommodate these factors.

As you enter this new chapter, always remember that your clothing choices reflect your comfort, and confidence and make you feel good about yourself.

With each outfit you wear in India, you're not just dressing for the occasion, you are celebrating the incredible journey towards motherhood.



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