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Night Wear

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Momsoon Maternity Watermelo...
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Momsoon Maternity Nursing k...
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Momsoon Maternity Multi Col...
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The "Calm" Nightdress
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The "Sunshine" Night/Lounge...
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Gone are the days when you’d sleep in the hubs’ old tee or a ratty oversized pajamas. We, at MomSoon have redesigned maternity loungewear and sleepwear which is not only about comfort and functionality, it’s also about making you feel beautiful, even if you’re doing something mundane like cooking. The MomSoon Collection aims to help you feel your best even at home, since most of us are spending a lot of our time indoors right now. It helps when your sleepwear is cute so when the bub does something adorable(which is always!) you’re ready for the gram!

After a long day of work, errands or chasing after the kids, you want to come to bed and have an easy-peasy routine to destress which is the key to a good night’s sleep, being cocooned in something soft, breathable and cozy - MomSoon’s night wear (some of it is feeding friendly too!) are designed in a variety of styles, colours and patterns to fit every mama’s nighttime dreams! We also have a great variety in the ways to feed - front zips, double layers, overlapping fronts and buttons. Whatever your preference, we have something for you. What are you waiting for mama? Your best sleep is only a few clicks away.

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