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Shop Feel-Good Kaftan Dresses for Women at MomSoon

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey into motherhood and the best part, you get to dress like a super mama everywhere you go. Don’t let others talk you down into bodily and hormonal changes that come your way and always steer to the other side - The happy side of pregnancy. Shopping is a stress-buster indeed and at MomSoon online stores, we bring you vibrant designs that boldly speak - it’s great to be a mother. 

While you embrace motherhood and its charms, you can choose from a wide variety of feel-good pregnancy kaftan, that hug your body at all the right places and don’t make you look like an open tent (sorry to say but it’s true). Your baby bump is your integrity and your personal style is basically something to adorn (like jewellery).

With MomSoon kaftans, pregnancy is a big fashion after-hours party where you always feel relaxed. The two main features of Kaftans that can get you a lot of compliments are - a slim fit flattering look (not too tight and not too loose) and an ultra-soft touch of the Kaftans Whether you are a 9 to 5 mom or work-from-home beauty, kaftans are versatility is something to die for. 

You can’t go wrong with Nursing Kaftan

Maternity kaftans are like the best companions of expectant mothers but in a more stylish way. These appealing garments are a loose-fitting, balloon-like variant of the robe or maternity tunic,  the perfect blend of comfort and fashion designed to cover the ever-changing contours of pregnant bodies.

Kaftans are like the chameleon of maternity fashion, that magically expands and grows with your cute bump with every change, accommodate them with bohemian flair and scream “I am pregnant” but more elegantly and stylishly.

Whether you are lounging at home, rambling through the park, or planning to attend a casual or formal event our maternity kaftans are the perfect choices for many expectant mothers who never sacrifice their style and comfort even during this special time.

Best Time to Shop for Kaftan for Pregnancy?

The perfect time to update your wardrobe with maternity kaftans is when your waistline starts hinting at you - It’s time to wear the pregnancy ‘mommy cape’ and be on a mission to look & feel good, during pregnancy & beyond. The whimsical moment when your favourite top is cute but not comfortable, make Kaftans your best buddies.

At MomSoon, our Kaftans are crafted for pregnant as well as post-pregnancy mommies, where they can be worn for evening dinners, as well as nightwear, encouraging a healthy sleep with no bathroom woes in the middle of the night. Our premium maternity kaftan nighty is ready to wrap you and your baby bump in an eternal bliss of comfort, keeping you happier all night long. 

Things to Prefer While Shopping for Kaftan Maternity Dress? 


1- Best Time to Wear Maternity Kaftans -

Literally anytime. There’s no single occasion where you can’t wear a maternity kaftan dress. Whether you are planning to host a dinner or night stay with your besties, Kaftan for pregnant ladies is always in demand due to its style versatility & comfort. To pull off that perfect mom-to-be diva look, always care for the same basic styling tips when donning a kaftan and you are good to go and become the popular mommy on Instagram.

2- Nursing-friendly-

Our pregnancy kaftan dress is crafted while keeping your nursing needs in mind. They come with front buttons which makes breastfeeding easy with modesty.

3- No boring bumps-

Whoever said kaftans are boring, clearly missed out on our collection. Brace yourself with our kaftan which is more captivating than a Netflix binge. Our collection is a visual fair of gorgeous patterns and textures that make you the centre of attention whenever you go out. But wait, the best part about our kaftans is that they are available in various lengths and sleeve styles, it’s like a fashion buffet tailored just for you and your bump.

4- Dynamic Duo of Comfort and Fabric-

When it comes to pregnancy, prioritizing your comfort is our trust factor and fabric is our secret weapon. Try out our gorgeous maternity kaftan set made with 100% love of Rayon fabric. Our Kaftan fabric works like a gentle hug on your skin offering a soft and comfy feel that you will literally start living in them. Planning to attend an office event? No problem! Running errands? Go you covered Mommy! Just lounging at home? No problem, our Kaftans for pregnancy are your ultimate ally for all your problems. 

5- Adjustability-

Our maternity kaftans and maternity co-ord sets have adjustable elements like front-tie up along the waist and elastic waistbands that provide the perfect fit and can be easily adjusted as your pregnancy progresses.

Jazz up your Maternity Kaftan Set with these styles

Kaftans are flowy, loose pieces of garment which provide plenty of room for your growing bellies while offering a relaxed and chic look from day to night.

1- Elevate your maternity fashion style game with our maternity kaftans that come in all sort of lengths that suits every mood. Whether you are attending a professional party or to mid-nighttime gala, these maternity kaftans are the only way to look comfortable and chic. Style them with leggings and pants to enhance your boss look and want to look fancy, opt for maternity co-ord sets or flaunt that ankle length kaftans. After all, it's Your Kaftan, Your rules. 

2-  Our kaftans are no less than a canvas of different styles and textures, just waiting for you to add some personal touch. Mix and match with them and create a unique look that turns everyone’s head when you take a walk at a party.

3- To keep up with your ever-changing body and add some extra flair to your kaftan maternity dress, cinch it up with the trendy belt just above your baby bump to enhance the instaworthy glam of your look. 

4-  Try to elevate your entire maternity kaftan look by adding some statement jewellery such as necklaces, earrings and some funky bracelets to polish or complete your entire look.

5-    Depending on the occasion and your personal taste, you can pair your kaftan dress with flats, and sandals, and even can wear ankle boots but make sure you wear something which is comfortable.

6-    Last but not least, don’t forget to take a small purse or a bag to compliment your attire and balance the entire look.

Maternity kaftans are the perfect combination of style and functionality for new moms-to-be and for nursing mothers too. They provide easy discreet nursing access, a gorgeous fit for each trimester during your pregnancy and a luxurious comfort of Rayon fabric.

Now you are fully ready to make a purchase and to buy our maternity kaftans. Browse our collection now to discover these versatile pieces of clothing that not only look elegant but will also embrace your changing shape during this phase of your life.

These maternity kaftans are comfortable enough that you start living in them. So celebrate your motherhood journey in style with thoughtfully crafted maternity kaftans.

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