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Just found out you're expecting. or perhaps returning to pregnancy and on the hunt for a comfortable nursing top.

Congratulations, you have found the right spot for both a comfortable and chic look wardrobe staple.

Welcome to the carnival of a handpicked collection of trendy and stylish maternity  tops designed with love just for you.

We understand, that maintaining both comfort and style during pregnancy is no less than a daunting task.

But Momsoon Maternity has a solution for that.

Our maternity feeding top is like a magic genie, designed to fulfil all your needs offering the perfect blend of style, comfort and functionality and accompany you through this journey of motherhood.

Whether you seek a maternity top for relaxed everyday wear, an elegant touch for evening events, professional work attire, or a chameleon-like piece, always ready to switch from day to night to make your search officially end here,  we have got you covered.

MomSoon Maternity has something for every mom-to-be.

Types of  Breastfeeding Tops:

Feel free to browse our website, where you find a diverse array of maternity tops awaiting you to explore. They are designed to seamlessly adapt your fashion flair and make sure you always remain in fashion vogue. 

1- T-shirts-

Feeding t-shirts are a comfortable casual choice for pregnant women. These maternity t-shirts are like the ultimate companions, can be dressed up and dressed down or kept it bit casual.

Style them with yoga pants or leggings and add some bling of statement jewellery.

Discover these magical marvel t-shirts from MomSoon, available in different arrays of colours and styles to look and feel fantastic.

2- Tank Tops-

No matter in which trimester you are experiencing, your burgeoning baby bump can make your pre-pregnancy clothes super uncomfortable.

That’s why you prefer flowy maternity dresses more, but as the temperature soars, maternity tank tops become your essential wardrobe staple.  

Nursing tank tops are perfect summertime saviours, and offer comfort and breathability when the temperature starts rising. And during winter chills,  layered them with a cardigan or jacket, ensuring you stay warm, cozy and even stylish all year round. 

3- Maternity Shirts-  

Our nursing shirts are like personal cheerleaders for expectant mothers during this journey of motherhood, making sure you radiant pregnancy glow while staying as comfortable as a cloud. 

These roomy shirts can be styled with maternity jeans, along with quirky accessories and a structured blazer to pull off the perfect business look.

For a comfy and casual look,  pair this maternity shirt perfectly with leggings or yoga pants. To elevate your look add a touch of funky accessories and wear sneakers or flats of your choice. 

4- Crop shoulder top-

One of the amazing things about shopping at Momsoon is that we are always getting new styles so you don’t feel like lacking behind those fashionista icons.

We are excited to present our ladies feeding tops, these are versatile and stylish wardrobe essentials.

Crafted to cater to the fashion-forward expectant mothers, this top redefines maternity wear with a touch of modern flair.

Its cropped length and chic shoulder-baring design make it more comfortable and fashionable. Its relaxed yet form-flattering fit pairs wonderfully with maternity jeans, pants, leggings or skirts, offering you endless possibilities to experiment with your maternity style.

5- Tie & Dye top-

Our tie and dye top is a true epitome of creativity and self-expression. Tie & dye tops are a fun and stylish way to celebrate your motherhood.

These tops for nursing mothers are like a gentle hug for your skin, crafted from soft and breathable fabric, providing luxurious comfort that stays with you even after your baby arrives.

Its discreet nursing access allows an easy and convenient breastfeeding experience while ensuring modesty or privacy.

6- Graphic Tee-

Our maternity graphic tees offer the most stylish way to embrace and celebrate a woman’s transformative journey of pregnancy. 

These tops for nursing moms are like the blank canvas allowing them to paint their individuality and celebrate the excitement of becoming a new mom.

The maternity graphic tee is designed to keep your comfort in mind. Its soft and stretchy fabrics adapt to the changing shape of a woman’s body and provide comfort through every stage of pregnancy.

What Makes Our Women’s Feeding Tops Different-

Pregnancy brings many changes in a woman’s body that urge a wardrobe that adapts with you.

Our maternity tops offer the ultimate comfort during this transformative journey without compromising your style.

Designed from soft and breathable fabrics, these maternity tops provide the room you need for your growing belly while ensuring that you look and feel great.

Comfortable Elegance: 

Our nursing tops and dresses are meticulously tailored with care and a sharp eye on every little details. They are brought to life while using A-class fabrics that offer breathability, good stretch and luxurious softness in your clothes. 

Think of these tops as a testament to our commitment to offering unmatched comfort, support and timeless styles ensuring to make the journey extraordinary.

Tailored for Pregnancy:

During pregnancy, your normal top might not provide the fit and coverage you need but our maternity tops are specially designed to grow with your growing bump and embrace your changing curves during this special time.

Effortless styles:

Many expectant mothers seek an attire that is seamlessly functional and fashionable at the same time, to look and feel good and fabulous. By keeping your needs in mind, MomSoon offers plenty of styles, from classic essentials to trendy statement tops that are perfect for every occasion. From casual to work events, our collection of maternity tops has got you covered.

Functional Designs:

Our collection never compromises functionality. Our tops feature thoughtful details such as discreet nursing access, waist-front tie-up for better adjustment and stretchy fabrics, making them practical choices for both pregnancy and beyond.


Our tops are made up of comfortable, non-itchy, ultra-soft-breathable, anti-bacterial, lightweight fabric and have a particular stretch in the garments that grows with your growing pregnant bellies without feeling uncomfortable and digging into your skin during your transformative journey.

Most Asked Questions

Our most asked questions at Momsoon Maternity are answered to help you invest in the best maternity and nursing wardrobe.  From finding the right maternity top to how long you can wear this top, we have answered all.

1- What are maternity tops?

Maternity tops are specially designed clothing pieces for expectant mothers, offering comfort and style during each trimester of pregnancy. Our maternity tops have unique cuts, and stretchy fabrics, that give extra room to accommodate a growing belly while providing a fashionable look.

2- When should I start wearing maternity tops?

The perfect to start wearing maternity tops when you start feeling that your regular clothes are becoming less comfortable and your baby bump starts to peek. Typically, this transition comes around the second trimester (4th-5th Month) but again it depends. 

3- How do maternity tops differ from regular tops?

Maternity tops are designed to fit and flatter a pregnant body. They often have stretchy fabrics, ruched sides, and longer lengths to give space to your growing belly. Your normal tops may not be able to provide the same comfort, support and flexibility as breastfeeding tops and dresses can provide during pregnancy.

4- Can I wear maternity tops after pregnancy?

Yes, Momsoon maternity tops are designed to be worn with your pre and post-pregnancy needs keeping them in mind. Some tops have discreet nursing features and can be easily styled for non-maternity wear, making them versatile additions to your wardrobe.

5- Are maternity tops suitable for different occasions?

Absolutely! Our maternity tops come in various styles and patterns, from casual to formal, ensuring you will find a plethora of options suitable for everyday wear, work, special events, occasions and more during your pregnancy.

6- How do I choose the right size for maternity tops?

Our maternity tops are outlined while keeping your pregnancy changes in mind. As all pregnancies are different and unique, although it may be tempting to order a size up from your regular size for a relaxed fit. For any further inquiries regarding sizing (or other inquiries), always feel free to contact us. Our MomSoon team will be happy to help you.

7- Do your maternity tops have any special features for comfort?

Yes, our maternity tops feature comfortable details such as stretchy fabrics, easy and comfortable nursing access, and side ruching. Some also have overlapping fronts providing easy breastfeeding and extra coverage, allowing you to breastfeed your baby without worrying about anything else being visible.

8- How do I care for my maternity tops?

Most maternity tops can be machine-washed in cold water and tumble-dried on low heat. Always check the care label on the garment for specific instructions. 

9- Can I wear maternity tops during all trimesters?

Yes, maternity tops are designed to accommodate your changing body throughout your transformative journey. Many styles have room to grow while providing a flattering fit. And the best part about our maternity tops is that you can wear them your post-pregnancy and beyond. 

10- How can I style maternity tops with other clothing items?

Maternity tops can be styled just like regular tops. Pair them with any bottoms or layer them under cardigans or blazers for a complete look. Add some statement accessories to make your look more aesthetically pleasing and don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes or sneakers.

11- Are there any special discounts or bundles for maternity tops?

We often offer special promotions and discounts on our maternity collections like jeans, dresses, tops, innerwear and sleepwear. Keep an eye out for bundle deals or sales events that could help you save big on your maternity wardrobe.

12- Do you offer maternity top combos in your collection?

Yes, we have curated a maternity top combo as a part of our collection. Our top combos are designed to give you a completely stylish yet comfortable solution during your pregnancy journey. These combos are fashionable, comfortable and perfect for every occasion. Browse our top combo collection today and experience the perfect fusion of fashion and ease.

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