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Pregnancy brings numerous changes in women’s bodies, including the size of their breasts and hips.

At a certain point in your pregnancy, suddenly your breasts decide to show some dramatic changes, they grow like your baby bump, showing sensitive tantrums and deciding to grow with the flow.

That’s where maternity innerwear comes into the picture. These maternity innerwear are specially designed to provide comfort and support during this phase and beyond. And they include both bras and panties.

As your pregnancy journey unfolds, expectant mothers often find wild changes in their breasts and discover regular bras are no longer their go-to option.

Pregnancy isn’t just about growing a baby bump, it is a whole-body experience. Not only your breasts but your hips and belly area undergo some major makeover to make extra room for your baby to grow inside your womb. You start feeling like your belly pushing pressure on the top of your panties which makes you more uncomfortable and irritating.

To make this roller coaster ride a bit comfy, switch to maternity innerwear, these pieces will become your besties, tailored from soft and stretchable materials that provide you unparalleled comfort. 

After your pregnancy, nursing bras become your real companion for breastfeeding by helping the mother to feed their child more hassle-free.

Types of Maternity Panties

It is a nine-month-long pregnancy adventure, as your body takes the unique task of hosting a life inside you and due to this you might face some issues and body changes.

When you are just at the start of pregnancy, everything seems normal including the panties you might feel offer the comfort you need. 

As your pregnancy unfolds, your baby starts expanding and requires more space to grow, and then it the time to invest in maternity panties. After all your bump deserves some extra support and comfort that undies provide. 

It is important to wear maternity panties during this phase because they help you to provide abdominal and lower back support, accommodate your newly growing belly and also provide ease for dressing without making you uncomfortable.

At Momsoon, we offer two types of pregnancy panty 

1- High-Waisted Maternity Panties- High-waisted maternity panties are like the wardrobe wizard specially made for you to accommodate your expanding belly and constantly changing body shape during pregnancy.

You may notice unexpected weight gain in your lower abdominal area because of that your regular panties not might fit you well. 

Our panties have a higher waistline than normal panties to provide extra coverage over the belly and support.

These are delightful pieces of the garment made up of ultra-soft, stretchable and breathable fabric, gracefully adjusting your expanding bump without causing a hint of irritation and discomfort.

2-  Low-Waisted Maternity Panties- Low-waisted maternity panties are another incredible option designed for pregnant women, come with a lower waistband which sits below the abdomen, reducing the pressure on the baby bump.

Low-waisted maternity panties are also a comfort wizard, beautifully woven with soft, breathable and stretchable garments, ensuring your belly gets a comfy and supportive hug.

MomSoon Maternity made maternity innerwear while keeping your pre and post-pregnancy in mind and for every body size. We recently introduced a new collection of plus size panties for curvy expectant mothers. They have a health strip in the crotch area of the panty that holds back bacterial growth and prevents urinary infections in mothers. 

Best Pregnancy Bra at MomSoon

Apart from your panty, your maternity bra should also provide the same comfort and much-needed support to your breasts.

In this new chapter of pregnancy, your body becomes the Centre of attraction, and your busy might cross a few sizes from pre-pregnancy. It’s like your body is saying “Get ready for some exciting changes” as your body prepares you for your baby.  

Wearing a bra that is tight and doesn’t fit you well, is like ordering a platter full of discomforts like backache, sensitive nipples, tenderness in the breast, poor body postures and breast pain.

It’s time to choose the best maternity bra that gives you a delightful experience. 

At MomSoon Maternity, we create wireless maternity bras that are essential wardrobe staples for every pregnant and breastfeeding woman due to their consistently providing comfort, support and functionality.

From soft cups to adjustable straps to convenient nursing clips for easy breastfeeding, our maternity bras are the best nursing bras for every expectant and nursing mother. 

Features to look in Maternity Bra Online 

1- Fabric-  Choosing a bra for pregnant women is like choosing a comfort first. That’s why we curated bras with soft, airy fabric, that leaves a gentle touch on your skin. But we don’t stop here- our fabric is skin-friendly and anti-bacterial, providing optimal comfort 24*7. After all your breasts too deserve some royal treatment during this special time. 

2- Easy-to-release nursing claps-  Your bra must have nursing claps for easy and convenient nursing access for quick and hassle-free breastfeeding.  Make sure these claps can be undone with one hand so that you can hold and position your baby seriously during breastfeeding.

3- Adjustable straps- Let’s discuss the magical adjustable straps, shall we? These are like magic strips and can be adjusted or adapted as per the changing needs, offering extra support without leaving any mark on your shoulders. 

4- Colors and Designs- Who says maternity bras are boring?? There’s nothing fancy in it. When it comes to style, MomSoon got you covered. 

Our bras collection is like a fashion menu just for your stylish moms, pick the style and colour that matches your unique requirements and preferences. 

To keep breastfeeding mothers' need in mind we also offer a variety of nursing bra that comes with discreet nursing access that will accompany you day and night while breastfeeding your baby.

If your back sizes change, we also provide bra extenders that help you to provide extra room for bras and to increase the length of the bra if it gets tight due to weight gain in pregnancy. 

And Bonus?  Yes, we have recently launched our plus size bras just for our curvy moms and according to their needs in mind.  So explore our innerwear collection now. 


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