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Pregnancy is an unforgettable time in every woman’s life but comes with unique issues that might be confusing- especially when it’s your first pregnancy.

It’s like a roller coaster ride full of unexpected ups and downs of physical and emotional changes and these changes occur not in terms of lifestyle but in your clothing too.

Back in the medieval era, when nursing dresses made an entrance, comfort was as rare as finding an unicorn. This clothing was far from the word comfort as we know it today.  That was a time when “comfy” wasn’t exactly in maternity fashion. 

All thanks to celebrities in the West who turned up the entire maternity style quotient with several notches.

Today ill-fitting dresses are an option that no women go for. 

Now you can make peace with the growing changes most comfortably and elegantly possible. Thanks to nursing outfits, which are getting more functional than ever lately.

To make your pregnancy journey a bit easy-peasy, we have crafted a collection of maternity dresses which are more stylish than your boring dresses, and as comfy as a cloud and radiate your glow like a star throughout your pregnancy and beyond. 

When you look for a maternity dress, ensure you choose two main ingredients comfort and style from the menu. These are dynamic duos that every mom deserves.

At Momsoon, you don’t have to choose between comfort and style. We have a haul of maternity styles that include- A-line, cute Maxi Marvels, Shirt dress sensations, Bodycon beauties, Wrap wonders, T-shirt treasures and of course yes, Tunic Treats. 

We pledged to make you look like the stylish, trendiest new mom-to-be in town same as Manish Malhotra’s model.  

When and where you should shop for maternity party dresses?

Once you hit the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, your body decides to go adventure full of changes and experiences. It’s like your body is preparing you for something better.

Around this time, dryness, itchiness, mood swings, morning sickness and feeling hot become your companion to this journey. 

You suddenly realise that clothing is like your second skin- that doesn’t squeeze you, snug you like a bug, keep you cool and comfortable 24*7 and as breathable as the breeze.

So what’s better than cool, comfy, stylish yet fashionable and stylish pregnancy clothes?

Momsoon maternity dresses come in an array of sizes, beautiful patterns and colours. These dresses are not just stunning and sophisticated but they are the ultimate companion of comfort with practical functionality. 

They will be your companions during this transformative journey and beyond.

MomSoon nursing clothes come with concealed zippers, double-layer and overlapping in front which makes our dresses more perfect for easy breastfeeding.

Things to keep in mind while choosing Maternity dresses:

1- Something loose and airy

Opt for more loose and airy attire as tight attires can make expectant mothers uncomfortable and less-assured. 

Some studies suggest wearing overly tight and form-fitting might contribute to cause heartburn and increase the chances of vaginal yeast infection. 

With all these risks it is better to choose a loose-fitted, flowy and airy maternity party wear dresses that gives you space to move and accommodate your growing pregnant bellies. 

2- Look for breathable fabric

In the journey of motherhood, experiencing a heatwave is part of this crazy adventure. So beat the heat and stay comfy by donning a maternity night dresses crafted from the comfiest, airiest and softest material ever.   

3- Anytime, Anywhere Dress

When choosing maternity dresses, think ahead of time and select colours, and patterns, that keep you ahead of those fashionistas. Choose dresses that you can wear anytime and anywhere even after pregnancy. Dresses that go with your formal and casual outings. We get it, during this delicate time when you want to go out with friends and family gatherings, our nursing maxi dress can add elegance and a stylish touch and will polish your look if styled correctly. 

4- Buy clothes that grow with you

When your pregnancy progresses, your regular clothes won’t fit you well and in that case, you have to buy clothes that grow with your growing belly. Our pregnancy party wear dress is a magical stretchy garment that wraps your growing belly with comfort. It doesn’t retire even after your pregnancy, it’s like a fashion friend that stays with you. 


What style of maternity dresses are available at Momsoon

1- Maxi Dresses

Maternity maxi dresses are the queens of long, flowy elegance, crafted to kiss your ankle and flirt with your floor. These are loose-fitting dresses and give enough space for your growing belly. These dresses are the champs of every occasion offering both comfort and breathability. A sleeveless maternity dress is like your fashion friend who knows how to slay in both casual and semi-formal styles.

2- Wrap Dresses

Wrap dresses are the best pregnancy dresses perfectly suitable for women of all ages. The beauty of this dress is easy adjustability- it can be effortlessly customized easily as your belly starts growing. Wrap dresses are like the fashion fairy of your pregnancy wardrobe. A simple wrap and knot at the waist, and voilà you will instantly have the most elegant look ever. These are highly fashionable and extremely popular and can be worn as semi-formal and casual dresses for cocktails, if styled well with flats and low heels they create a beautiful work dress you can take anywhere.

3- Tunic Dresses

Maternity tunic dresses are mini or short dresses that end above the knee. These dresses come with an empire waistline that falls right under the busts, which provides extra room for your growing belly. This dress during pregnancy comes in different styles, long and short sleeves and with different patterns which makes them more versatile. Tunic dresses can be styled in different ways which be causal, semi-formal and formal with the right choice of accessories and flats.

4- Shirt Dresses

The maternity shirt dresses are meant to be loose and that’s why this dress is a great option for any pregnant woman. They are slightly oversized which provides ample space for your baby bump to move with ease. Maternity shirt dresses come in different styles, from designs to button-ups, collars and sleeves. They come in different lengths and are made up of breathable and stretchable fabric with easy nursing access. Our shirt dresses are suitable for postpartum wear making them an outstanding choice for many new mom-to-be. 

5- Bodycon Dresses

The maternity bodycon dresses are made up of super-stretchy and flexible fabric that can hug your changing body curves and easily accommodate your growing bellies. It’s soft and smooth and fits you well without digging into your skin. Our bodycon dresses are causal and fun, you can comfortably move around in this dress.

6- Kaftan Dresses

You can’t ever go wrong with maternity kaftans. From maternity to postpartum, Kaftans are the ideal choice for many pregnant women. Maternity Kaftans come with drawstrings that help you adjust well according to the size of your waistline and give you a comfortable and elegant fit. You can easily style these maternity with the right pair of leggings, and some statement accessories and don’t forget to take a bag to compliment your look. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to look far and wide for a pretty causal maternity dress that is perfect for every occasion, Momsoon clothing for pregnant ladies has everything that you should look for in a maternity party wear during pregnancy.

With the complete blend of comfortable and fashionable styles, the Momsoon maternity causal dress collection is a must-have for every pregnant woman.

You can wear it to a grocery run but can slip it on for a brunch date with your friends or maybe with your partner.

Are you ready to begin the hunt for the most comfortable yet stylish pregnancy clothes online in one click? Do check our collection.

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