How To Dress Comfortably During Pregnancy?

How To Dress Comfortably During Pregnancy?

From Morning Breakfast to Evening Dinner

We know you’re envious (just a teeny-tiny bit?) of those Instagram mom-to-be influencers flaunting their cute pregnancy dresses and let’s face it, choosing the perfect and comfortable pregnancy dress could be a greater challenge than bringing a mini-version of you into the world. 

We totally get it, knowing your clothes won’t fit you anymore could be a mood killer. But look at the bright side (don’t stare directly at the Sun), you can work some serious magic on your wardrobe like never before and become the superstar mommy you've always dreamed of.

So, buckle up sissy, here’s a rundown of MomSoon's favourite dressing tips perfect for those evening dinners & get-togethers, that your husband arranged to scream his lungs out from the rooftops: “I'm about to become a Father!”

Don’t be a Parachute, when you can be a Mermaid

Why settle for those dull over-flowy long dresses when you can embrace your baby bump beauty and become a stunning diva of motherhood?

Opting for an attire that helps you flaunt your growing curves like a goddess, is far more stunning than choosing to drape oversized dresses that don’t flatter your mermaid figure.

We are well aware of your comfort and took the responsibility to curate a collection of must-have maternity clothing. 

Unlock Your Inner Fashionista with Maternity Wear

The pregnancy phase offers every woman a grand chance to break all existing fashion rules they cling to (not suggesting to break the hell loose. Keep it classy, not chaotic!).

It’s time to deep dive headfirst into the world of maternity wear- a world of the magical realm where comfort and style combine and create an outfit that leaves everyone in awe.

Experience the ease of expanding jeans, the freedom of breathable tops, and the joy of all-day comfort with leggings you'll adore (No need to worry; we get it!)

Investing in these beauties is like having your own fashion fairy godmother.

These clothes make you feel like a celebrity while keeping you oh-so-cozy.

Say goodbye to fashion struggles and hello to the world of stylish maternity wear.

Get ready to turn heads, mama, because you're about to rock that baby bump like a boss!

Redefine comfort with Maternity Bras

Let’s talk about those wonders of joy- your breasts during pregnancy.

They are growing, and you might feel swollen and sore, with your nipples becoming extra sensitive as your body prepares for breastfeeding

Time to say bid adieu to your normal and regular bras, those poor things just can’t handle the greatness of your expanding bust.

Because gone are the days when bras dug into your skin or make you feel like you are trapped in a bra battle.

Don’t let your body suffer in silence, invest in maternity bras because you deserve that amazing fit that supports and uplifts you both literally and figuratively.

Check out our MomSoon’s maternity bra collection, crafted from anti-bacterial material featuring detachable clips for hassle-free nursing. Added convertible straps offer customizable adjustments, to take care of all your comfort needs.

comfortable nursing bras


Dresses are your Maternity BFF

Dresses can be a pregnant mother’s best friend, offering trouble-free style and maximum comfort and pregnancy is the right time to channel your inner boho goddess.

Time to embrace your flowy, free-spirited vibe with loose maxi dresses in different vibrant prints and colors.

Add some statement accessories like a wide-brimmed hat, a chunky beaded necklace, and a bag to complete your bohemian sassy and chic look.

Head over to our website and explore the wide range of dresses that perfectly combines comfort and style.

And trust us, you will be rocking that cute baby bump in our dresses like a true Earth Mama! 


comfortable maternity striped maxi bodycon dress


Get your Selena Gomez groove on with Maternity Tops

Calling all fashion-forward mommas-to-be!!

Revamp your wardrobe with some stylish maternity tops to give your cute baby bump the comfortable treatment it deserves.

Maternity tops are like your ultimate sidekicks, your partner in crime, as they always have your back, get you covered, support you at all times, and make you feel like a pregnancy fashion icon.

They let you move, grove, and dance your way through pregnancy without any wardrobe malfunctions. 

These tops ensure that you are comfortable, look stylish, and allow you to enjoy your transformative journey with ease. 

Go ahead and let your baby bump shine like a rock star because there’s nothing more stylish than baggier jeans and a fitted top to become the chic goddess at every family outing. 


tie & dye maternity top


The Comfy Chronicles of Maternity Sleepwear 

When you are expecting, compromising your sleep is a BIG NO!!

A good night’s sleep is crucial during pregnancy, and comfortable sleep plays a significant role in a good mood during pregnancy. 

Look for loose-fitting pyjama sets and nightgowns made up of soft and breathable fabrics. 

These sleepwear are designed to keep your temperature cool, manage moisture and make your sleep easy and effective.

Maternity sleepwear is specifically designed from stretchable materials featuring waistbands and crossover designs, to make breast-feeding super convenient when your baby arrives.  

Choose maternity sleepwear which is made with smart fabrics that grow with your body and are bump friendly. 

Sleep tight and let the magic of maternity sleepwear take you into a world of relaxation and slumber like never before.


comfortable nursing night wear


Let Your Pregnancy Wardrobe Shine

Don’t be a boring mom when you can be stylish like a superstar

Yes, you read it right. You can wear different patterns and colors during your pregnancy to make it more memorable. 

Give farewell to your mundane and boring wardrobe and embrace your pregnancy world with some vibrant hues and eye-catching prints.

All you have to do is study the sizes and placement of your pieces. If you like smaller patterns and narrow stripes, these delightful patterns will create slimming effects and give new mom-to-be a more flattering and stylish look.

You can even choose some vibrant colors like pink, red, orange, and white to always keep your mood refreshed and stress-free.

So go ahead and spice up your pregnancy wardrobe with patterns and colors that scream confidence and blow everyone’s mind.

Get cheeky with Comfy Undies

Hello there, momma with the expanding hips!

During pregnancy not only does the shape of your body change, but it also widens the hip area of your body due to a continuously growing belly bump.

But don’t worry, we have got your back

Momsoon Maternity has an insider secret that will make you feel like it’s time to invest in the wonders of maternity underwear.  

This maternity underwear is designed to accommodate the changing shape of your hips and provide a comfortable and supportive fit. 

Let’s talk about some options, there’s a whole world of bump and under-bump, maternity underwear waiting just for you to explore. 

So let your booty enjoy the cushiony embrace it deserves.


maternity comfort panties


Stretch it out with Maternity Leggings

Who needs a cape when you have maternity leggings?

This magical piece of garment will make you feel like a superwoman as you conquer your pregnancy journey, from preparing the nursery and attending appointments to taking on new challenges at work, the legging comfort will make your every task a breeze.

Leggings are a pregnant woman’s secret weapon!! 

You can’t say NO to maternity leggings because once you start wearing them, there’s no coming back and you eventually start living in those during your pregnancy. 

The best thing about maternity leggings is that you can wear them even after your baby's arrival. 

This versatile wardrobe staple can be styled in different ways and can be worn on different occasions. 

Talking about comfort - maternity leggings are made from soft and breathable fabrics helping your body to release pressure, alleviate swelling, and support your legs due to their stretchable waistband which sits comfortably over the belly without digging in it.

So what are you waiting for, get yourself these magical leggings and always stay ahead of those boring moms.   


comfy maternity black leggings


Layer Up and Rock your pregnancy with STYLE 

During pregnancy, your baby bump grows, and you will begin to appreciate and welcome the changes in your body.

You can opt to experiment with your existing style by exploring layering options that add a youthful touch to your wardrobe. Now is the right time to refresh your current Instagram pictures by adding layering styles you never worn before.

You can think of layers as a “Third Piece” of your clothing; it could be any outwear like jackets, shrugs, cardigans, coats, and ponchos. 

These layering pieces are quite effective as they work wonders in instantly upgrading your style while gracefully shifting the focus from your growing bump to your vibrant style during those radiant days of pregnancy.

Get ready to take your pregnancy-style game to the next level with MomSoon Maternity

maternity and nursing poncho

Happy Feet, Happy Pregnancy

shoes for pregnancy

With the additional weight gain during pregnancy, foot and back pain and discomfort are quite common.

As your pregnancy progresses, you may experience swollen feet and ankles.

Choose supportive footwear with cushioning and low heels to minimize the strain on your feet. 

Try to avoid high heels or shoes with minimal arch support during pregnancy, as they can lead to discomfort, increase risks of falls, and potential injuries. 

Opt for comfortable flats, sneakers, or sandals that provide a sense of stability, and support and promote proper alignment during pregnancy and get ready to put your best foot forward!!

Accessorize like there is no Tomorrow


Who says pregnancy fashion has to be all tiring and boring?

Jazz it up with the right accessories to not only enhance your overall pregnancy look, but also boost your confidence, and make you look more stylish mom in town.

However, you need to choose accessories that do not compromise your comfort. 

Choose lightweight minimal accessories such as scarves & berets, long necklaces, and small earrings to glam up your overall look but avoid any unnecessary weight or discomfort. 

Take your outfit from “wow” to “WOWZA” with the magic of accessories but don’t forget to do experiments.

You can even flaunt your pregnancy glow with beautiful shades of lipstick and nail paints. Remember to wear some statement necklaces and try to avoid heavy makeup. 

Just Remember Always Be “YOU”


Gather around moms-to-be, we have a secret that no one is ever going to tell you about pregnancy. 

Are you ready to hear this secret?

Drum Roll, please…the secret is just “BE YOU”.

No matter what you wear, your top priority will always be your comfort. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable, bold, empowered, confident, and stylish at the same time. 

Always remember, if you feel good from the inside, then you will surely look good from the outside. 

Alia Says Hi to Pregnant Mommies

You made it to the last!!

Pregnancy is no less than hitting a milestone. It is a journey to embrace your changing body while prioritizing comfort first. But finding clothes that are comfortable and stylish can be a daunting task.

It is essential to dress comfortably for your physical and mental well-being. We have given some amazing tips and tricks to expectant moms who can style their baby bump and can stand out in the crowd.

Maternity clothing including tops, leggings, underwear, and nursing bras is crucial for achieving that comfort.

Investing in these maternity-specific clothing helps you to accommodate your body shape, provide support, and other features that your regular clothing is not able to provide. Because investing in these clothes is the new form of self-care.

These clothes are made to keep your pregnancy and postpartum needs in mind. 

Days are gone when moms used to hide their bellies behind their clothes, Now time has changed and new moms-to-be today prefer to flaunt their baby bump with style.

By following these tips, you can dress comfortably while maintaining your personal touch in your journey.

It’s always good to listen to your body and choose clothing that makes you feel good inside and outside.

Remember your comfort and well-being should always be your priority, and with the right type of clothing choices, you can look and feel fabulous throughout your pregnancy journey.

Don’t be hesitant to be a little creative with your maternity clothing and do some experiments. Wear whatever you want but with confidence and a beautiful smile. 

Spend some quality time by exploring different fashion options on our website which makes you feel more confident, comfortable, and beautiful. 

Celebrate the beauty of pregnancy with Momsoon Maternity.

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