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Trimester 3 'Adore, till it lasts' Pregnancy Gift Box by Bump to Bunny

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Trimester 3 is when the anxiousness soars high leaving the pregnant you lethargic and exhausted. The growing belly not only aches your back but also makes simple walk, an act of balancing. This is where we help you take a load off so you can completely focus on getting some much needed rest and relaxation.

PRAKRTA VITA'MUM'E BODY TONING OIL: The body and belly need to be nourished, even before the itch/crack begins to develop. The Vita'mum' E oil is natural Vitamin E blended in cold-pressed virgin coconut, rosehip, tamanu, hempseed oil plus natural coffee extract

SKIN MARIGOLD FOOT SOAK: They don’t call ‘elephant feet’ for nothing! Soak your swollen feet in the tub of lukewarm water with a small handful of foot salt, for 10-12 minutes. Let the goodness of marigold, coconut oil and sea salt work their magic to attain relaxed, moisturized and itch-free feet instantly.

MUMMY FEET MATERNITY STOCKINGS: Bearing foot pain making your pregnancy more difficult? Wearing a specialized compression socks- Mummy Feet Maternity Stockings during pregnancy is medically effective way to relieve your tired, aching, heavy and swollen feet, often leading to venous problems. The massaging effect helps easing the normal blood flow further reducing the possibility of Pregnancy Varicoses.

ENN’S CLOSET SCULPT ANTI-PIGMENTATION FACE MASK: They said pregnancy makes your skin glow, but no one told you about pigmentation due to hormonal imbalance! The Enn’s Closet Sculpt Anti-pigmentation mask delivers cell-level cleansing and deep-layer nourishment and hydration for your otherwise dry and pigmented skin.

SURPRISE ELEMENT: Know it when you unbox it. (Hint: the whole family’s having a baby)

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