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Quilt Comfort C Shape Pregnancy Pillow Earthly Blue Upto 5 Feet 2 Inches

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Quilt Comfort Pregnancy Pillows are ergonomically designed to support and comfort the strained points of expecting moms. The combination of microfiber filling and velvet cover adds an extra layer of softness, which elevates comfort and minimizes the frequent sleep disruptions.Â

Pain Relief:Â Designed ergonomically to support Neck, Back, Shoulders, and other strained points. The belly support further eliminates discomfort during sleep.

Improved Blood Circulation: C Shape promotes side sleeping. Sleeping on the left increases the amount of blood & nutrients reaching the placenta and the baby.

Mood Elevating: The Shape emulates a hug, inculcating an exotic sleeping experience like sleeping inside a cocoon. This can calm down the emotional turbulence arising from increased hormonal volatility.

Better Sleep: The elevated comfort brings a more fulfilling sleep. Crucial to the health of both mother and the child, it aids the developmental cycles of your baby.

Multi-utility:Â Sleep inside the pillow or roll it over to read, work, and relax. It can also be used to breastfeed your baby.

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