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Baby Massage Class

Rs. 4,500.00

Duration & Timings - We now have 4 sessions of 1 hr 30 mins each.

Facilitator Certifications -Jyoti Devjani, founder of Keola Wellness is a wellness practitioner, trainer & consultant with over 25 years in the spa & healthcare industry. She is an internationally experienced & certified massage therapist (CMT), infant massage instructor (CIMI), pediatric massage therapist (CPMT), prenatal massage therapist, aromatherapist, with an MBA from Mumbai University, a Spa Directors Certification & Hotel Spa Management Certification from the US.Â

Features and benefits (USP) -  A gentle touch reinforces love, safety, and trust between parent and child, making infant massage a wonderful way to enhance bonding between parents and babies. It promotes physical, mental & emotional growth & development of the baby, helps reduce the discomfort due to colic & gas, improves sleep, and provides significant benefits for the parents as well. While massaging babies is a part of Indian tradition, many parents are now looking to learn the gentle ways to massage their baby and provide them comfort.

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