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Winter Collections

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During winters, most of us are wrapped in our blankets, feeling lazy and cold, especially if you’re pregnant. The clothes are somber and boring and come in plain, dark colours. But no more! With momsoon’s latest winter collection, battle the cold with the most comfortable and fashionable maternity wear.

In this collection, we feature lounge sets to keep you cozy and comfortable, along with tops, sweatshirts and sweaters to have you looking like the fashionista you are. We also feature a sweater made in collaboration with Monte Carlo, for the perfect twist in your wardrobe to take it up a notch. Our ponchos and cardigans are designed to keep you and your bump warm during the harsh winter months, while allowing you to be comfortable at the same time.

Momsoon’s winter collection has been designed keeping in mind the struggles of a pregnant woman during the colder months, and to help her through that while giving her the best experience via maternity wear. Clothes from momsoon’s maternity collection are definitely a smart investment. Shop now, on!

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