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Welcome to the world of the MomSoon maternity accessories collection.

A perfect gift that compliments your favourite maternity wear.

These maternity accessories are like the superheroes of pregnancy to make your life more comfortable, playful and appealing in a stylish way.

So what are you waiting for, dive into the world of rope belts, bra extenders, nipple pads, velcro locks, supporting socks and the perfect gift box for someone who’s expecting. 

1- Maternity Pom Pom Belts

Introducing pom-pom belts- a secret weapon to all your maternity wardrobe worries, that’s not just comfy but a delightful piece that will add extra fashion flair to your look.

The bonus? These adorable belts are all about comfy and supportive, of course, yes!! But you know what that will make any boring dress  to jaw-dropping dress with their pom-tastic twist in one touch. 

Thinking about your bump? No issue!!

Our maternity pom-pom belts are like a magical shape-shifter, easily adjustable and mold themselves according to your changing body without causing any discomfort. So you are gearing up for a special occasion and jazzing up at home, these colourful belts have got you covered. 

So slay your motherhood in confidence and style.

2- Bra extenders

Bra extenders AKA our “Sizable Solution” squad for ill-fitting or regular bras. These bra extensions are used to save your regular bras from early retirement. 

Just attach these extenders to your bra and give a whole new life to your bra on lease. Yes, it’s that simple.

So bid adieu to tight and most uncomfortable bras because your old bra is back with some extra life. 

And it still feels the same, check out the maternity innerwear collection and give a full stop to your daily struggle with something new.

3- Nipple Pads

Time to introduce our unsung heroes for all nursing mothers “Nipple Pads” AKA “Leak-proof Legends”.

Stick them inside your bras and that’s it. Nipple pads are like those shields for your breasts and keep you dry and comfortable even when things get a little leaky. 

In addition to our collection, apart from our trio we also offer even more amazing additions to make your motherhood journey easier.

You can also check out our Velcro lock for easy breastfeeding, baby on-board maternity beach hat to announce your pregnancy in style and yes, the supporting socks to keep your feet more comfortable and happy during this journey.

Don’t forget to check out our ultimate “touch of thoughtfulness”- A gift box perfect for giving a surprising gift to your expecting friend or family member and making this moment more precious. 

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