What To Eat During Pregnancy

What To Eat During Pregnancy

What To Eat During Pregnancy

Pregnancy nutrition can prove to be quite tricky to tackle, especially with the tons of misconceptions out there. A balanced diet is essential while you’re expecting, but it can also be good to add some vital food groups to your diet to extract their own specialized benefits. Here is a guide to pregnancy nutrition that’ll help you boost your health, and ensure optimal growth for your baby.

Foods To Add To Your Diet:

  1. Folic Acid

Folic acid and folate are forms of vitamin B known to prevent issues with the development of the brain of your baby, as well as the spinal cord. Folic acid supplements can also prevent premature birth. Leafy vegetables and citrus fruits can be an excellent source of folic acid.


It is pretty well known that calcium is essential to build up bone health, especially during pregnancy. But, what you might not know is that calcium can also be super beneficial for circulatory, muscular and nervous systems. Dairy products are the best sources of calcium, while non dairy sources include broccoli and kale.


Including protein in your daily diet while you are expecting is a must. Protein helps in rapid and proper growth in all stages of your pregnancy. Some protein enriched foods include lean meat and eggs. For vegetarian options, soy products and nuts work best.

4 .Iron

Iron is one of the most important nutrients to include in your diet while you’re pregnant. This is because hemoglobin, the protein that carries oxygen to the body’s tissues, is made using iron inside the body. During pregnancy, you require double the amount of iron to create a healthy amount of hemoglobin in order to prevent anaemia, fatigue or headaches. Anemia can also increase the risk of premature birth and low baby weight, so it’s essential to include lots of iron rich sources in your daily diet, such as red meat and fish, or beans and vegetables for vegetarians.

Food To Avoid During Pregnancy:

  1. High Mercury Fish

High mercury fish such as swordfish, tuna or mackerel must be avoided as they are found in polluted water that contains mercury, which can be harmful to your nervous system.

2.Raw Or Under cooked Fish

While fish can be a remarkable source of protein and iron, it must be cooked thoroughly since under cooked and raw fish may cause infections such as listeria or salmonella, which can prove especially harmful during pregnancy. This means bidding farewell to sushi for a while.


During pregnancy, caffeine must be kept to a minimum to ensure the health of your baby, as caffeine makes its way to the placenta very quickly, and may restrict baby growth.

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