Tips for moms to be this Holi

Tips for moms to be this Holi

As exciting as pregnancy is, it is also a very delicate phase of your life. You need to be extra careful about everything, including celebrating festivals and traditions. With Holi around the corner, you may be wondering just how you can indulge in the celebrations while still being careful about your and baby’s health. While there is no harm in playing with some colours, you need to keep in mind that your skin becomes extra-sensitive during pregnancy and may react to chemicals more severely now. But that doesn’t mean you need to abstain from celebrating the festival of colours entirely, all you need is to follow some simple guidelines to make this both a fun and safe Holi for you and your bub. 

Skin care : 

There are alot of unsafe chemicals being used in colours these days, so apart from using organic and skin friendly colours, you can also prepare your skin by

  • Your skin

It is very important to form a protective layer on the skin so that the colours don’t penetrate it. You can apply almond oil all over the body, especially the exposed areas. Oiling the skin well will also ensure easy removal of colours after you are done playing. 

  • Your hair

Your hair needs equal care when it comes to playing with Holi colours. The chemicals can make your hair brittle and lead to breakage. Oil the hair with coconut oil and make sure you massage the scalp as well.

  • Your nails and lips

Apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly/vaseline on the lips so that they don’t dry out from the colours. It is advisable to keep your nails short and trimmed so that colour doesn’t get accumulated there. Apply two coats for nail colour before Holi to prevent staining.

  • Use home-made colours :

Most of the colours used in Holi contain harmful chemicals. Moreover, immunity levels during pregnancy are low due to which you may have an allergic reaction to the colours you might have been using earlier. The best would be to make the colours at home using natural ingredients such as beetroot and turmeric.

  • Be careful :

Stay close to a family member while playing Holi so that they can hold you and warn you when there is too much water where you might slip and fall. Wear protective eye gear so the colours don’t get into your eyes.

  • Monitor the quantity of sweets that you are consuming :

Pregnancy may lead to development of gestational diabetes, which goes away post childbirth but can have negative effects on the birth. It would be best to keep track of the fatty and sugary food and partake in a limited amount. 

  • Keep yourself hydrated :

Holi marks the beginning of summer, so keep on hydrating yourself with plenty of fluids and water.

Stick to these guidelines and for a wonderful Holi with friends and family, swaying to the beats of ‘Balam Pichkari’ and splashing a handful of colours!

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