Tips for Celebrating Holi during Pregnancy

Tips for Celebrating Holi during Pregnancy

Holi is a festival of colours and happiness and with planning; it can be enjoyed by all, including mothers-to-be and new mothers. Even though this year may have to be a low-key celebration, precautions are still a must.  Pregnancy comes with many restrictions keeping in your and your baby’s health; however that in no way means that you can’t have fun. You do not necessarily have to stay away from the celebrations; you just have to be more cautious and remember not to over-exert yourself.

Here are our tips to help you so that you can enjoy the festival this year!

Play with Herbal Colours - Colours used during Holi are full of chemicals and contain harmful substances which may not only harm your skin but can also affect your unborn baby. Try to avoid picking colours from the market even if they claim to be organic. Instead make your colours at home using flowers, turmeric, and other materials.

Stay Away from Water Colours - Holi and water don’t go well when you are pregnant. Playing in and with water will not be a good idea as you are putting yourself at high risk of slipping. A fall may cause serious injuries to the baby as well as you.

Be mindful of what you eat - While Gujiyas or ghee loaded laddos are a popular delicacy of the season, you should be watch over your intake. Overindulging in oily and fried foods might cause indigestion, heartburn and will give you an uncomfortable bloated feeling.

Protect Your Eyes & Skin - Skin, hair, and eyes are prone to more damage due to the colours. Opt for sunglasses or prescription glasses to avoid water and colours going in your eyes. Oil your body and hair well before you start to play to ensure that the colours don’t get absorbed in the skin and hair and also gets washed easily once you’re done playing. In case, if the colour gets absorbed by the skin do not use harsh soaps or chemicals. A thick paste of besan and milk is one of the best organic cleansers for your skin during this time.

Stay Hydrated and say NO to alcohol-based drinks- Bhang should be avoided completely as it causes harm to the mother and baby both. It’s advisable for a pregnant woman to switch to water, fresh juices, plain milk or other liquid to maintain the body’s water level and staying hydrated.

Be careful near the bonfires

During burning the Holika bonfire keep a safe distance. Ensure that you are in a properly ventilated space and in case of a smoky environment, move to a fresh air zone to avoid any kind of suffocation. Also, make sure that you wear clothes that do not catch fire easily.

So indulge in the festival of colours and enjoy it to the fullest. Just remember to follow these effective tips and to keep your gynaecologist’s contact handy in case of emergencies.


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