The Ultimate Guide To buying Feeding Nighties

The Ultimate Guide To buying Feeding Nighties

A maternity nightie or feeding nightie is a form of popular everyday sleep attire which is specifically designed for pregnant and nursing moms. Maternity nighties have a loose fit to grow with the baby bump and have comfortable and discreet breastfeeding access. These nighties also have front or side zips/overlapping fronts or buttons to facilitate easy feeding throughout the night without much hassle. 

As your pregnancy progresses, your regular nightie may not be as comfortable and roomy as it used to be. That's the time when you would want to switch from your regular nightie to a maternity nightie, you should look to buy maternity nightwear in your second trimester during your 4th or 5th month of pregnancy. You can even use it as a hospital gown during delivery.

During pregnancy, lightweight and breathable fabric can improve sleep quality as they maintain optimum body temperature and keep you comfortable throughout the night.  Post delivery, you can use easy-access maternity/nursing nightgowns or pyjamas for convenient night feedings. 

Our nightgowns are available in various styles, each designed to be comfortable for a good night's sleep. Generally, nightwear in loose fit is preferred for comfort and ease. Cotton fabric is highly in demand for nighties.

The Nursing Kaftan Dress:

The nursing kaftan is a multi coloured print cotton maxi with front buttons for nursing. It had a drawstring belt at the front to accommodate your growing bump through the months and is super roomy. Even after birth, the belt will be instrumental in giving the kaftan a fitted look. This is an investment that we recommend every to-be mom to make!

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The Calm Nightdress:

Another popular nightwear in our collection, the Calm Nightdress is an ankle length cotton nightdress with front zippers for feeding. With sweet lace trimmings on the front and sleeves, we love the multi pattern detailing. Loose fitted and spacious, this dress is perfect for summers to keep you cool.

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Longline Sleep Tee:

The Longline sleep tee has a cute hello kitty print and comes in this lovely pink shade. It also has front zippers for feeding and is made of French terry material. French Terry is moisture absorbing and an excellent choice of sleeping wear in humid cities for the summer. Currently, the sleep tee is on 55% off on our website.

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What are your go-to nursing night wear outfits? For more maternity and nursing wear options, you can check our website and for personalized shopping service, DM us on our instagram @momsoonofficial.

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