Stylish Maternity Fashion Trends 2022

Stylish Maternity Fashion Trends 2022

Stylish Maternity Wear 2022

Pregnancy can be an exciting time with the expectation of a new baby, cute little baby clothes, toys, and of course, maternity wear. Many mothers assume that they have to switch up their style and wear simple, oversized clothing, but that’s a huge misconception that needs to go away. It’s 2022, and being pregnant no longer means having to let go of your style. Here is a curated list of on-trend maternity wear for the year.


Ponchos are expected to be all the rage this year, especially in maternity wear. They are lightweight, flowy clothing that allow you to be comfortable throughout the day. The bohemian vibe is perfect for the on-trend mom-to-be.

Pastel Tones

Pastel tones really encapsulate the energy of an expecting mom, and thus are expected to be one of the most revered trends in maternity clothing this year. Shop this adorable baby blue maternity top that doubles as a nursing top after you give birth, at momsoon.


Floral patterns succeed in bringing out the glow and radiance of a soon to be mom, and have been bestsellers in maternity wear. Here is a floral tunic dress that you must have in your maternity wardrobe!

Formal Shirts

Formal Shirts are an essential for all expecting moms who also work simultaneously. Finding professional maternity clothing can be extremely difficult, and that is why we present to you this high low hem striped shirt that you can wear to the office for a boss lady look.

Tie and Dye

The tie-and-dye pattern has made a comeback, and is here to stay. Pregnancy is the time to wear bright, vibrant colors, and this is why  tie-and-dye is the best trend for maternity clothing. Check out this tie-and-dye shrug from momsoon.

We hope that this guide helps you pick the right clothing for your maternity wardrobe in 2022. All of these stunning clothes are available now on momsoon, where we create our collections with comfort and sustainability as our main priority. Shop now!

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