Pregnancy during the times of COVID-19

Pregnancy during the times of COVID-19

Pregnancy, as beautiful as it is, comes with a lot of anxiety, worry, and fear. You suddenly become responsible for another life that is growing inside you and is completely dependent on you.

We know that the world is going through unprecedented times with a pandemic spreading across the world, the responsibility of an unborn child gets even higher. There is a sense of constant fear and discomfort with doctor visits and face-to-face consultations. While there are a lot of digital solutions available for a consultation now, at times a hospital visit is necessary. We talked to Dr. Anita Sharma, Lactation Consultant, and Physiotherapist, to help mothers relieve some of the anxiety.

Here are some of the key points she shared:
1. Accept the new normal

We are aware that the development of a vaccine for COVID-19 will take time, therefore in these testing times, we need to stay calm and accept this as a part of life. Rather than worrying, we should start looking for preventive measures.

If you feel any anxiety or stress, talk to your consulting doctor, close friends, and family. Try meditation. Any form of extra stress is not good for the baby and the expecting Mama, maintain a positive aura around you.

2. Isolate

If you are in the last trimester and can go to labour any time, you should isolate yourself as much as possible. Every hospital these days require a COVID test before admission which is applicable for 5 days, isolation becomes all the more important in such circumstances.

Buy all the necessary requirements well in advance so you get more time to properly disinfect them. For necessary doctor visits, avoid touching any surfaces. Carry your own sheets, it might not be necessary but will surely give you a sense of more safety.

3. Remember placental transfer is not possible

The virus can not affect the baby even if the mother is affected as it cannot be transmitted through the Placenta. In case you feel any symptoms, get tested, and contact your doctor but don’t worry, your baby is still safe within you.

4. Breast Milk is safe

Since the virus cannot be transmitted through the milk, sick mothers can also breastfeed if they are asymptomatic or for precautionary purposes they can pump the milk and the baby can be fed that milk by someone else. A sick mother can only transfer the virus to the baby through physical contact and nothing else.

5. Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize

Babies are extremely fragile, to keep them safe it is necessary to take the most precautions. While taking them to get vaccinated, sanitize the car and try to drive with your partner as drivers and maids are not recommended in these times. Carry your own bedsheet or covers for extra safety. Use masks, gloves, and avoid touching the baby’s face.

These times are difficult but we will get through this. Stay positive, stay healthy, and enjoy your pregnancy, it definitely is one of the most beautiful part of a woman’s life.

A mother is the strongest and the most trusted knight for a baby and we will make sure we come with the right armour for them. MomSoon is working on designing special clothes for these times to make it easy for Mamas and the babies to be protected from all sorts of communicable infections.

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