Pregnancy and fitness go hand in hand

Pregnancy and fitness go hand in hand
Charu Shankar gives an insight into the importance of fitness and exercises during pregnancy.

A lot of pregnant women complain about backache in pregnancy. If all other parameters are ok, this could be a result of overstrain on the back and a change in posture with the growing belly. What you may not realize is that exercise can come to your rescue.

Lengthening and strengthening the muscles that support the spine and even gently working on strengthening the core muscles as they stretch, can provide relief almost immediately. When you are pregnant, the RIGHT EXERCISE can reverse bad posture.


Choose any Prenatal Exercise Routine - there is so much to choose from! Pick a program that's fun so that you can stick with it. But remember to do the exercises under the guidance and only after a go-ahead from your Gynaecologist!

KEGELS is a must-do!

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