Nutrition during pregnancy.

Nutrition during pregnancy.

Most importance for not just the Mom To Be but also the Baby. UK certified nutritionist Sapna Tomar gives us an insight into the  Foods that should be AVOIDED during pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting and precious time in a woman’s life. New changes, anxious feeling and exciting moments all in one! Following a healthy balanced diet is very important if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Eating healthily diet during pregnancy will support the growth and development of your baby as well as helping you keep you fit and well. You are not required to go on a special diet, but make sure that you eat a variety of different foods every day in order to get the right balance of nutrients that you and your baby need. You are also not required to eat for two!

There are however foods that should be avoided during pregnancy. Please see below:


  1. Soft/ Mouldy Cheeses e.g. Blue cheese, Camembert, Brie. You can eat hard cheeses such as cheddar and parmesan, and processed cheeses made from pasteurised milk such as cottage cheese, mozzarella and cheese spreads.
  2. Raw or Partially Cooked Eggs. Make sure that eggs are thoroughly cooked until the whites and yolks are solid. This prevents the risk of salmonella food poisoning. Avoid foods that contain raw and undercooked eggs, such as homemade mayonnaise.
  3. Raw or undercooked meat. Cook all meat and poultry thoroughly so that there is no trace of pink or blood. Take particular care with sausages and minced meat in order to avoid the risk of food poisoning.
  4. Liver products. Don’t eat liver, or liver products like liver pâté or liver sausage, as they contain high levels of vitamin A. Too much vitamin A can potentially be harmful to your baby.
  5. Supplements containing vitamin A. Don’t take high dose multivitamin supplements, fish liver oil supplements or any supplements containing vitamin A.
  6. Some types of fish. Don’t eat shark, marlin, and swordfish. These types of fish contain high levels of mercury, which can damage your baby’s developing the nervous system. Avoid raw fish such as sushi, salmon and shellfish to protect you against food poisoning.
  7. Unpasteurized milk. Drink only pasteurized milk from a reliable source.

Always to remember to check with your gynaecologist or a certified dietitian if you are not sure about a portion of food or have a specific nutrition-related query. Please note the above are general

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