#MadeInIndia - The MomSoon Journey

#MadeInIndia - The MomSoon Journey

MomSoon prides itself on being a brand in touch with our MomSoon Mama’s needs. We want to create clothes that make a woman feel like a million bucks. Pregnancy is a bumpy ride! We believe that clothes have the power to change the way we look at ourselves and we hope that on a day that you don’t feel your best, you put on your favourite outfit and realize that you are a strong and beautiful woman.

 We prioritize the comfort, style and quality that go into our outfits. It’s a long process from the conception of our designs to it being delivered to your home.  We strongly rely on local talents from all across the country in our endeavor to create beautiful clothing.

When designing a collection, our team does exhaustive research on the latest trends, inputs from our consumers on their needs and designs which align with our brand ethos.


After our designing process is complete and the sketches are ready, we source the cloth materials from various Indian textile companies and begin the production process at our factories across Delhi NCR.

During the coronavirus lockdown after factories were allowed to open, we have enforced all the necessary precautions and have kept safety measures are followed to ensure that our artisans are safe and healthy.

Once our garments are ready, we send them for inspection. The inspection is to make sure that all our clothes meet the quality and size regulations. When they are approved, the clothes are sent to us and we upload them on our website. If they are not approved, the clothes are sent back to be corrected and resent for inspection.

MomSoon would not be where it is, without the support of a thousand artisans and our teams across the country. We are proud that we rely on the strengths and resources of our own nation and are a brand that is made in India, from start to finish.

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