How to do a Professional Maternity Photoshoot at Home

How to do a Professional Maternity Photoshoot at Home

Pregnancy is one of the most special gifts for both the Mom and Dad-to-be. It’s
full of anxiety, worry, anticipation, and milestones. For the new parents the
journey begins way before the baby is born. The first heartbeat, the first kick, the
cute little baby bump, every day comes with a new surprise. As the baby grows,
millions of happy memories are made which are just too precious to lose. What
can be better than a professional photoshoot to capture all these adorable
moments forever!

Sadly, we are going through a pandemic and when there are restrictions in simply
walking outside, a professional photoshoot seems like a thing from our dreams.
But don’t worry, we won’t let you miss out on anything! We talked to Shipra
from Shipra and Amit Photography and discussed some DIY tips for the best
photoshoot at home.

Here are the tips:

1. The best time for a maternity shoot is around the end of the second trimester or the beginning of the third as this is the time when the bump is really round and beautiful.

2. Lighting plays a very important role in any shoot, choose natural lighting. Any time before 6 pm during summers is best suited.

3. The background of an image sets up the mood, so it is suggested to use a solid color wall or any textured wall in the background. Avoid clicking in front of a cluttered backdrop. 

4. Make careful wardrobe choices. Select comfortable and flattering outfits that accentuate the baby bump. Avoid wearing big floral prints, too many colors, and heavy pieces of jewelry; it is better to stick with pastels or white. You can always opt for a belt - a great way to flaunt that beautiful bump.

5. Safety is super important. Do not wear heels, avoid self-portraits, and do not use heavy props.


    These are some of the tips from the industry's best photographers. You just need some planning, the right attitude, and good lighting to make mommy and the
    bump, the stars of the shoot.

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