Decluttering and Organizing

Decluttering and Organizing

A new baby’s arrival is a huge deal in every household. Families start preparing months before the little one arrives. The sense of an impending motherhood urges a mom-to-be to clean, paint and re-decorate the house. The baby might be tiny but the stuff that comes for them requires a lot of space. There is an urgent need to Declutter i.e. get rid of every items that doesn't spark any joy or hasn’t been used in a while.

Not only does Decluttering solve the space issues, it has many other benefits. It helps improve concentration, increase productivity and helps the parents to be in taking a leap from their past to the exciting future.

Joy factory is the first and only company in India to be officially certified to offer The KonMari Method developed by tidying guru & lifestyle expert – Marie Kondo. Founded by Gayatri Gandhi this company provides decluttering and organizing services, it aims to enable people around to manufacture joy through the concept of decluttering.

We talked to them for some tips and tricks for expecting Parents to help Declutter and organize.

Marie Kondo started this Kon Mari method which defines a way of life - how we look at things around us, do we see them as a burden, or do they give us joy? It not only changes the physical space but also changes you from within, makes you feel lighter and happier.

Just start by emptying your closet and make a category wise pile. Consider every item, if it brings you joy and you feel it is useful keep it, otherwise keep it in the donate pile. Make sure you finish one category before you move to the other.

Now that we know how to declutter let’s talk about organizing in an easy, child friendly manner.

Baby Clothes

Managing Baby clothes can be tricky, the best way is to use the 5 fold method and stack the clothes vertically. This takes less space and all the clothes have easy access.


Boxes and dust bags are the best ways to keep shoes organized, always pair them and can put it in one box with facing sideways. Also, don't forget to label the boxes to save searching.


A house with kids always has toys scattered around. The easiest way to
manage is to have transparent bins with tags in every room. As the kids grow up, they should be encouraged to drop off their toys to the bins after they are done playing.

Make up and small jewelry products can be very risky with small kids at home. It is very important to store them properly.

Make Up 

It’s good to check the volume and expiry date of products periodically to get rid of the expired and used-up products. To keep all the make-up products organized, keep the daily use products separately in an easily accessible place, while the rest can be kept towards the back.

Small jewelry

Cute little hooks can be used to hang the jewelry on the back of the
vanity door to avoid detangling.

Here are the top 4 tips for decluttering your digital organization!

Lastly, decluttering is a lifelong process, it improves the quality of life and enhances the peace of mind.

  • Use Dropbox or Google Drive for family file sharing.
  • Create a private YouTube channel to store your family videos and for easy sharing with your family and friends!
  • Go through your phone photos once a week and delete duplicates.
  • Organize your phone into folders by icon color or by type.

For more options, on how you can declutter and make your life easy and happy, its worthwhile to check out

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