Best maternity outfits for your Valentine’s Day

Best maternity outfits for your Valentine’s Day

If you’re looking for an excuse to dress up, here’s a major one for you: Valentine’s Day. Even if you’re not fond of V-Day, February 14 is a great time to celebrate all your loved ones but also rock a flirty gorgeous look! Maybe you’re going out for a candle-lit dinner with your best friends or staying in for a rom-com marathon with your boo — whatever your plans, we’ve got just the Valentine’s Day outfit for you. And if you’re still looking for ways to show your partner how you care, don’t worry mama, we’ve got you covered!

Cook dinner together - 

If you and your hubby aren’t the type to make a big deal about V-Day, why not celebrate with a quiet night and an intimate dinner made by both of you together? Sounds really simple but cooking together can be more romantic than you think! You can also have a cook off to indulge in your competitive sides.

Movie Marathon - 

Haven’t caught up on your favourite show in forever? Or maybe you miss watching SRK romance you through the screen. Send the kids to their grandparent’s place or just put them to sleep early and unwind with the hubs watching your favourite movie or documentary, celebrating being together.

Game Night -

Bring out your favourite board games or their less fun counterparts on your tablet and plan a game night for the two of you. An old-fashioned jigsaw puzzle, game of jenga or a card game are always a fun bet - both enjoyable and a wonderful break from screen time. Want to  make it a family competition? Then involve the kids for a family game night.

At Home Spa - 

There is nothing as relaxing as being pampered to the core. With V-Day falling on a Monday, you and hubby might just need the extra indulgence to wash away those Monday blues. Get some massage oils and give each other relaxing massages. Place a few scented candles for that ultimate indulgent spa experience. 

Picnic under the Roof - 

Move some furniture around your living room and carve out space in your living room for a romantic indoor picnic for two. All the supplies you need can be found at home - a sheet, a picnic basket, maybe some wine (if you’re nursing, it’s best to feed before drinking and not feeding until after 2 hours of consuming alcohol) and some snacks that may or may not include chocolate covered strawberries.

Once you’ve decided what your Valentine’s Day is going to look like, it’s time to choose the perfect outfit! 

  • The Rouge Dress

With a romantic, floral print, the Rouge dress is our go to look for date nights or brunches with your girlfriends. Whether you’re planning on celebrating with the hubs at a fancy restaurant or catching up with the girls, this dress with its delicate features is just right!

  • Mom + Baby Valentine Set

If it’s your first Valentine’s Day as a mom, celebrate the magical bond between you and your baby with our matching mom and baby sets. These tees are a perfect photoshoot must-have, take a bunch of pics and get ready to be showered in compliments!

  • Tie Dye Cord Set

If you’re planning to have a low key Vday with you and hubby snuggling in front of the TV with your favourite takeout, your look needs to be comfy but cute! The Tie Dye Cord set with its matching headband is the cool outfit you need. The bottoms have a drawstring waist to accommodate your changing body, and the set is made with the softest cotton, so date night will be easy-breezy!

  • Classic Kaftan Cord Set

If V-Day is not your thing and you’re just looking forward to a quiet day of some simple self care then the Classic Kaftan Cord is the outfit for you! The Classic Nursing Cord Set is called a classic for a reason - it's everything you'd want in a loungeset - soft, comfortable and nursing friendly! It feels luxurious on your skin and takes your quiet day to the next level!

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