Best Indian Style Maternity Clothes

Best Indian Style Maternity Clothes

Best Indian Style Maternity Clothes

As Indian women, we love our kurtis and our Indian style prints, and it can get quite boring having to wear only neutral toned t-shirts and bottoms during pregnancy, making us miss our desi style. Well, all you expecting mommies don’t need to worry anymore! Momsoon is here with the most exquisite collection of Indian style maternity wear, that is not only vibrant and stunning, but also super comfy and made of the finest materials.

  1. The Kareena Dress

The Kareena dress is a stunning yellow long kurti with a geometrical pattern. The yellow tones of this kurti are sure to bring out your pregnancy glow. As a bonus, this kurti can also be worn postpartum as it doubles as a nursing kurti too!.

2. The Patola Set

 The Patola set is the perfect investment for the modern Indian mom. It features a kurti along with a pair of bottoms in a patola print, made of high quality cotton to help you battle the scorching Indian heat.

 3. Pink Tie and Dye Tunic Dress

The Pink Tie and Dye tunic dress is a beautiful pink Indian style dress that can be paired with a pair of leggings for a comfortable yet stylish look.

 4. Floral Free Size Kaftan Dress

This dress is perfect for the springtime with its Indian style floral print. It is also free size, which means that it can be worn during all stages of pregnancy.

5. Momsoon Maternity Feeding Wrap Dress

A gorgeous wrap dress that doubles as both maternity wear and nursing wear. It has a beautiful blue toned print, and is perfect for the working mom to wear to the office.

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