A special gift for her during her special time!

A special gift for her during her special time!

A token of love and affection, a reflection of our thoughts – a gift, however small or big, always brings in happiness. And we know it’s the thought that counts but we still want to find that perfect gift! It becomes even more difficult when you are searching for something for someone who is already experiencing the biggest gift of life – motherhood.

Let us make it easy for you. We have curated a perfect list of gifts for the would-be mama!

  • Lounge wear 

She likes to rest, more like she needs rest! Gift her lounge wear and get into the Pajama Party Mode. Quirky and comfortable designs made specifically for an expecting mother. Add to oomph to her comfort with the MomSoon lounge wear range!

Check out the “Must Have” Set - https://bit.ly/the-must-have-night-set

  • A beautiful Dress

    An outfit that celebrates her, makes her feel more comfortable, more stylish and stays with her for pregnancy and beyond! Check out the “Elsa” dress, perfect for all occasions, nursing friendly and oh-so-chic!

    Check out the “Must Have” Set - https://bit.ly/the-elsa-dress

    • Bag

    A would-be Mama never travels empty handed, she has to take special care of her nutrition and has to carry her water and snacks, at the very least! And after the little munchkin arrives, the list of things in her bag just gets longer!

    Get her A quirky and stylish multipurpose bag - taking care of her requirements and needs at all stages – pregnancy, delivery and for the infant.

    Check out the Pamper Hamper Multipurpose Bag - https://bit.ly/pamper-hamper-multipurpose

    • Belly band

    Pregnancy brings a lot of changes to her body, with the little one growing inside her, she needs support for her belly. Pregnant women have the hardest time with back ache. 

    Buy a belly band or trousers with an attached belly band like “the easy trouser” to give her an added support and relieve her backache, just like you support her at all times!

    Check out the “Easy Trouser” here - https://bit.ly/easy-trouser

    • Maternity Support Socks

    We found a solution for the backaches, but the changing hormones can also lead to pain and fatigue in the legs and swollen ankles. 

    Gift her special maternity support socks to relieve her of this pain and then take her dancing!! This very small gift will do wonders for her! Trust us.

    Check out the Sorgen Socks - https://bit.ly/sorgen-socks

    • Pillow

    As special as pregnancy is, it is a very tough time! A Pregnancy support pillow will help her catch on some much needed deep sleep in the night. The pillow will provide complete Bump support for the belly. It provides support to the back and help relieves pain. What can be better than a gift of comfortable sleep!

    Check out the Rabitat Motherhood Multipurpose Pillow - https://bit.ly/RabitatMotherhoodMultipurposePillow

    • Journal

    The journey of motherhood is extremely beautiful. It’s a roller coaster ride with each day adding a new memory. 

    Gift her a journal to pen down every new experience, every new emotion that she goes through. From the first kick to the first step, a journal will help her store all the memories and she will be able to relive them whenever she wants!

    Check out the “Mama in the making” Journal - https://bit.ly/MamainthemakingJournal

    • Baby essentials

    Got everything for the Mommy? Still feel there is something missing?

    Stock up that nursery with the best products for the new baby. Feeding bottles, pillows, blankets, diapers, just so many options to choose from!

    Check out the Rabitat Squeezing Bottle - https://bit.ly/RabitatSqueezingBottle

    • Massage classes

    A gentle touch reinforces love, safety, and trust between parent and child, making infant massage a wonderful way to enhance bonding between parents and babies. Help her prepare for the new Mommy experience with Massage classes where she can learn exactly what her little munchkin needs.

    Check out the classes - https://bit.ly/BabyMassageClass

    • A gift box

    Still confused? Make her a customized box with little knick-knacks - small things with a special meaning attached to each of them! Curate your own special box with everything she needs, add that personal touch and make her feel extra special!

    Make your personalized Gift Box here - https://bit.ly/MomsoonGiftBox

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